It’s certainly beginning to feel like Spring here in the UK. Springtime is a period of transformation and renewal and so it seems appropriate to consider how we might use this time to reflect on our own spiritual renewal.


The angels have said that there has been a big increase in positive energies on the earth over the past few months. The new light helps to illuminate any dark, so it can be dissolved and healed. It is like trying to vacuum your carpet in the dark – you would miss many bits of dirt in the dark. But if somebody turns the lights on brightly, you can see the dark spots on the carpet easily. You may not like what you see at first, but you can soon clean it up. When the house is clean, doesn’t it feel brighter and better? Imagine how good you will feel when you clean your soul and your life!

The new energies so far this year have been helping many of us to see what we need to release, so we can grow and move forward to better things. To make way for the new beginnings that are coming in the next quarter. Now that Spring is here, it is also time for new projects – a good time to receive inspiration about new beginnings, and to begin any new projects which you have been guided to start

Many of you have achieved remarkable growth over the last few years. When you look back at how far you have come, you may be astonished, or pleasantly surprised, at how much you have grown and developed in many areas of your life. You may be almost a different person. Acknowledge and recognise your growth. Give yourself credit.

If you can be kind and gentle with yourself, it makes it easier to grow, and open up to the softer and angelic guidance which is seeking to lead you forward. further. Then call upon your angels and the divine to guide you for your own highest good, and for the highest good of others.

Perhaps there are remarkable changes in store for you. Being loving, kind and gentle with yourself, as well as others, opens you up to greater divine guidance and blessings. Also, call upon the strength you need for yourself and to help you to help others and follow your path. Here are some affirmations you can try.

* I love myself

* I am willing to change and grow.

* I am loved by the angels and God.

* The angels know what is best for me.

* I invite the angels to help me now, with the next steps of my life.

* There is a reason for everything in my life – I see the higher good in it all.

* The angels are guiding me to fulfil my potential and lead a better life – I welcome their input.

Take a few deep breathes in and out, after saying these affirmations, and notice what new thoughts come to mind.

Many of you will experience quite big changes in your life during the year ahead. Check in with your angels often, using whichever method you like, to help ensure you make the right changes, and that they happen as smoothly as possible.  Invite the angels and higher beings to inspire you with guidance and a vision towards your future.

So call on the angels for guidance, and seek their help in any appropriate way (e.g. using angel cards, asking for signs, dowsing, etc). This year should generally get better from here onwards.


I have received lovely letters from people around the country and the world who are studying the home study angel course – thank you to all of you who took the trouble to write in with your stories, poems and progress. The course (or rather the angels) continue to work their magic for all who follow the course – it’s like having a series of angel workshops in your own home! So many of you have sent lovely angel stories, that I thought I would share one here – spreading the angelic inspiration to others.

“A couple of months ago I was feeling a little low, and I strongly felt that I needed some kind of energy healing, but I was not sure which one. I asked my Angels to tell me in a dream what therapy I needed. That night I experienced a dream, which I remembered clearly. I was walking on a pebbled beach, picking up crystals. The first opportunity I had, I logged onto the net and searched out crystal therapists. I found one locally. I had a wonderful healing session and felt it benefited me enormously.

I have had miraculous experiences since that healing therapy, not least the fact that I discovered that I too am a healer. My life has taken an unexpected turn since I asked my Angels for their help. I continue to feel utterly amazed and blessed by their loving help and guidance.”

I hope these stories mirror your own experiences or inspire you in some way. For more details about the course visit:


Would you like to connect with the angels?

Would you like to receive angelic guidance and help with your life?

Would you like to discover your Life Purpose, why you are here, and the way forward for your life?

Would you like to open up to divine love and higher energies?

If so, I have some good news.

As so many are in going through major difficulties, I’m currently making a special offer on sessions (buy one, get one free, for you or a friend), to help you connect with angels, receive help and guidance, discover your life path and purpose, and find the way forward for your life, (and receive help and guidance about other areas of your life too). This is perfect for those who are ready to connect, awaken, and discover the way forward for your life, or who are going through challenges.

I am especially interested to hear from those of you who feel you have some role to play in helping the world – perhaps want to launch (or expand) your own business, healing centre, organisation, or other way of helping the world. Whatever your desire to help the world (or if you do not know yet).

If you feel guided to contact me email me at:

I look forward to hearing from those of you who want to find and develop your path in life, and receive angelic help and guidance to help you transform your life.

Angel blessings to all of you, who are all playing your part, in small or big ways, to build a better world. May the divine guide and bless you all.