Inner Peace Exercise – the Eye of the Storm

In our hurly burly world, especially at this time of year, we often need a moment to stop and centre ourselves again. In the middle of our busy world, a brief moment’s respite can allow us to ‘reset’ ourselves and continue with our day more productively and cheerfully. Here is a brief and simple exercise I would like to share with you, which you can do almost anywhere in just a minute, to restore yourself whenever and wherever you notice that you feel a little stressed or less than OK. Use it anytime it helps you.

I often speak with Archangels and other higher beings, as well as angels. Recently, I had a visit from Babaji, an ancient yogi master. I have always liked the sense of peacefulness and simplicity associated with Buddhism and Yoga. Babaji gave me the following simple exercise, which you can use to re-centre yourself, whenever you find yourself caught up in the hurly burly of life or overwhelmed by your thoughts. It is a simple exercise to help you restore the stillness within. It only takes a few moments. Try it yourself…

Close your eyes
Let all thoughts and worldly concerns drift away
Breathe deeply – take some slow, deep breaths
Reconnect with your Heart, Soul, Higher Self, or Inner Wisdom within
Check for any guidance and messages about your situation.
Open your eyes and resume your day with the resumed peacefulness within.

Like the ‘eye‘ at the centre of a hurricane, where everything is calm and still, in the centre of the storm, you can find that peaceful centre within you, when all around you is in turmoil.

When you reconnect with your own spirit and the spark of God within, you feel more content, more complete, and at one with the universe. This is also an ideal state from which to receive blessings from the Universe and the higher sources.

Try the exercise, now, and next time you feel stressed, and see how it helps you.


Would you be willing to spend a few minutes helping yourself, and helping to heal the world? We would like to invite you to do something extra-ordinary.

We all know that the future of the planet lies in our hands, Our decisions and choices and prayers will decide the fate of the planet. God has given humans free will. Our individual choices, collectively, affect the whole planet, and the future of us all – humankind, and every living thing on the planet – trees, plants, animals, nature, everything upon the earth.


The angels have asked us to gather 11,000 volunteers around the world to assist in this transmission and receiving of new energies to assist the planet. All who participate will benefit enormously.

The energies will help to cleanse and lift the vibration of everyone and everything on the planet into a higher, more loving energy, which will help to heal and bring positive changes to your world, in ways beyond your expectations. These are new energies, given as a gift to you and the planet.

The angels would like people in every town and city in the world to assist in this event. By participating, you help to anchor the energies into yourself, the ground, the area around you, and help to magnify the power of the wave of energy as it spreads across the globe. A circle, a wheel, is strong because it is complete. If there are gaps, bits missing, it loses much of its strength. That is why Spirit is calling for people around the world to help receive, anchor, and multiply these energies.

11,000 sounds like a large number. However, there are over 100 countries in the world, so 11,000 works out at only around 100 per country, that’s a only mere handful per state or county. Now you see why you are important. Please join in, and help to build the energies in your area.

You are important. You have free choice. Will you CHOOSE to join in?

With the help of each of you, and just some of your friends, we can reach the critical number required. 11,000 souls can help to bring positive changes to yourself and the planet. Eleven is the number of transformation. So 11,000 will be very powerful – it is the critical mass required for this energy transmission (although more would of course be better and welcome).

Just click below and follow the meditation at any time over the next 24 hours. Then share with your friends and followers on Social Media. THANK YOU AND MANY BLESSINGS