A question that is often asked by our course students is ‘How do I know I’ve fully connected with my angels?’

It’s a difficult question to answer. The energies of the spiritual realms – angels, Archangels, Divine beings – are like vibrations. Each carries a different power and influence. Each affects us in different ways.

I like to think of the analogy of MUSIC. Sound is also a vibration, albeit at a much lower level. And despite having a relatively small number of individual ‘notes’, there are millions of musical compositions – from simple folk songs and melodies to soaring symphonies.

The emotional effects these vibrations have varies hugely. You might say that one person’s ‘Grunge Rock’ is another person’s ‘Mozart’. We are sometimes brought to tears of joy or sorrow by certain pieces, where others grate inside our heads and send us reaching for an off switch or heading for the exit.

But there is a common bond. Each and every human being is moved in some way by music. And so it is with our connections to the Divine realms. When we are attuned to a beautiful angelic energy we can feel our body relax and our heart soar. The power surges through us and we suddenly gain certainty and clarity about the issues at hand.

Some people only feel this, others hear, some see. And like music, the vibration creates images, emotions and messages that we can receive and understand, if we choose to listen. Speaking to angels is like hearing the lyrics in a song for the first time. You always knew they were there but couldn’t quite make them out. But with repeated effort, preparation and focus, the words and meaning begin to come through more clearly. This is angelic guidance.

So my advice is not to fret over whether you are ‘fully’ connected or not. Find a regular time and space to relax, meditate and reflect. Allow yourself to feel the energy. Your body and soul will react spontaneously and with joy if the connection is there. And like a great song, you may even be brought to tears without really knowing why. With practice, patience and an open heart, your connection will grow stronger and you will be guided in whichever way works best for you.

If you like to use guided meditations to connect more deeply, why not treat yourself to Darren’s collection of seven visualisations. Each has it’s own purpose and vibration. Some may not fully resonate at first, but others will allow you to connect with energies you may never have experienced before. It’s an amazing experience. And you can use these visualisations again and again, as part of your regular spiritual practice, or whenever you need that little extra boost.