We live in a world today in which many are seeking to find a new path for themselves – a higher, more spiritual, and more fulfilling life. As we each seek and find our own higher path, there is often a sense of being ‘out of step’ with the rest of society – a sense of being almost alone. Many of my clients tell me they have relatively few friends who are open to similar spiritual matters, and would like to meet more like-minded souls. Do you have numerous like-minded spiritual friends, or would you also like more special relationships in your life?

It is in working with others that we usually find most joy and happiness. A close family with loving relationships is to be savoured and treasured. And yet working together is not commonplace in our society. How often do you find a group of people working joyously and harmoniously together? It is remarkable for its scarcity. Our society is built on individual success – getting on at school (studying on one’s own), climbing the career ladder ahead of one’s ‘competitors’, and moving away from our home and family and in order to ‘get ahead’ in life. Is it any wonder that we find ourselves alone and unfamiliar with the idea of co-operation and mutual support with others?

We must each find our true path for our lives. Having done so, I believe it will become increasingly important for us to learn to co-operate together in creating a better life and world for us all.

As we are all part of the One, and guided by the same Higher Power, it should be easy for us to connect and work together. However, we often have to overcome our own inner hurts and blocks in order to reach out to others. Often, our own inner healing journey involves us forgiving and releasing hurts from the past, and then being courageous enough to open up to divine and spiritual love, and being willing to share this love with others. It can be a mighty challenge, but a fulfilling one, for it is in helping others to be happy that our own deepest satisfaction often rests.

May I invite you this day to choose ONE person with whom you would like to have a better relationship. Perhaps it’s a family member or relative. Maybe a colleague or a friend. It doesn’t have to be problematic – just choose someone with whom you would like a BETTER relationship. Then think of one thing you could do which might help promote greater harmony between you. It could be as simple as giving them a call, or doing a small unexpected favour for them.

Who have you chosen? What will you do? Try it and see what happens. Call on the Archangels to help you.

In the true spirit of harmony and co-operation, I am increasingly seeking to co-operate with others who are promoting good spiritual work to this world. From time to time, we will feature other spiritual and light-workers, and their services, as part of this newsletter. We aim to bring you other opportunities which might assist your path, and also set an example in co-operation the benefits of working together with others. Having been guided to some other like-minded and complementary souls, who are equally committed to doing good in this world, and who were keen to co-operate with us, I can tell you that the feeling of mutual support, inspiration, encouragement and hope that comes from working together is wonderfully uplifting. Watch out for news and stories over the next few months.

I hope that this newsletter in some small way leads you to greater harmony and improved relationships in your own life too.

Restoring Harmony – Angel Signs

I found this a very touching story on the subject of restoring harmony in family and relationships, guided by angels.

Jane (not her real name) told me that she was having a family barbecue. As usual, her sister was in the garden, and she was inside, avoiding each other. Jane had always been jealous of her sister being her mother’s favourite child (as she believed) and there had been a cold wall between them for too many years. This day, Jane decided to call on the angels for help. She was tired of this problem, which reared itself again and again at any and every family gathering. (She didn’t know about archangel Chamual – the archangel of love and relationships – she simply called to the angels for help).

She got a sense to pick up the magazine that was lying in front of her on the coffee table. The magazine fell open on an article all about forgiveness. A sign from her angels perhaps? With tears in her eyes, she realized that she needed to forgive herself, and her sister, for all this water under the bridge, and start anew. Just then, her sister’s Yorkshire terrier appeared at the patio door, as if as a timely sign to go to her sister now. She told her sister of her deep-seated resentment and asked to be forgiven. Apparently, her sister had always felt inferior to Jane, her older sister, as Jane had always done well at school and in life. Their sisterly relationship began anew that day. Later, they were able to laugh about their mis-beliefs, and even discussed it with their mother too, who quickly assured them they were both equally special and both deeply loved. It brought all three of them closer together than ever before.

Have a wonderful New Year and prosperous 2019.