You can change the world

In this tempestuous world of changes, how do we reconcile the idea of being loving to others and bringing about the changes we wish to see in the world?

What else can you do to help make the world a more positive place?

While continuing to spread divine love wherever we can to those around us, through either our healing or professional work, or just through our loving thoughts and inspiration, we are helping to raise the energy of the planet and humankind.  Divine love may also encourage us at times to make a stand for positive changes. This may involve writing letters to your local politician, joining a movement for change, assisting a charity, writing, or other actions to encourage positive changes in society.

Of course we could and should use divine love to guide our thoughts on such issues (such as health systems, economics, local or national politics, poverty, global issues, or other subjects close to our hearts.).  Our actions may seem small – we may ask ourselves ‘what can one person do?’  As you know, many charities and movements have been begun by just one person, and have grown into a national or international force over time. Do not underestimate your power!

I recently watched a programme in which a woman was asked about the international charity The Hunger Project. The woman said she was inspired to start the project from the bedroom of her own home. Their work to end hunger reaches millions of people in more than 17000 communities across 12 countries of South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America people. Not a bad result from the efforts of one person!


There is an old theory which used to be much quoted. It noted how scientists on one remote Japanese island studying a group of monkeys noticed that one individual started using tools – it washed dirt encrusted vegetables in the stream, and used a sharp stone to crack open a coconut. Other members of the tribe then began copying this. Soon every monkey on the island was doing the same thing.

Then a remarkable thing happened. Scientists on other islands noticed that monkeys were starting to do the same thing there.  It was as if the idea had ‘telepathically’ transported itself around the world to influence others around the world.

The same can apply to the ideas that we use. In these days of the internet, and social media, a good idea, or cause, can capture public imagine and spread like wildfire.

So just for today, we invite you to check in with your heart, and ask yourself ‘What would you most like to see changed in the world (locally, nationally or internationally)?  And then ask if you are inspired to take some action, either researching and supporting an existing campaign, or initiating something new yourself.


Over the past 20 years, it has been my pleasure to help many hundreds of people to be inspired about how they can play their part to help change the word.  Working with the angels and divine beings of light helps to open up new ideas and levels of consciousness, that can help us see how we can play our role in the world more fully.  To explore how personal sessions with myself can you open up YOUR path, email: