Our early decisions in life can have an unexpected overarching impact on our whole life. Sometimes it is not evident until it is too late. The angels want you to expand to your best possible self. As we continue to grow and expand our loving self and service work, so we may need to dig deeper to release the next block, to free ourselves to go higher.

Our deepest hidden thoughts can have a profound effect on our entire life.

The angels would like to ask you …

Do you have a deep unconscious block holding you back, or a deep unconscious light helping you to fulfil your potential and purpose here?

Take a few moments to check …

Here is sad tale …

When Anthony started working for his first company, he noticed that there was an elderly director in the company who was clearly ‘clinging on’ for retirement. Anthony had read books about self-development and want to make the most of his life.  “I certainly don’t want to end up stuck in a job clinging on for retirement” he said to himself. “I want to help lots of people in life”. Furthermore, as he explored his inner potential, he said to himself and family and friends “I’m not sure I’m ready for parenthood – I don’t think I want children yet”.

So he threw himself into personal and spiritual development. After a few years, he quit the company and started his own healing and personal development business.  He dated women, but did not settle down with any and start a family (he never felt ready, and the women he dated were not interested either). Then he became ill with a rare illness. He struggled on with his illness and business for decades, helping many others while battling his own illness.   He also tried investing in the stock market, housing, and other ‘get rich’ schemes to try to look after his retirement, but ended up losing money every time, often in most ‘unlucky’ ways.  He had some successes with law of attraction on smaller issues, but not the really big issues.

Eventually, he reached the age of 55 and became even more ill. He realised he had no pension, little savings, no family, was unable to continue his business, and faced a very bleak future.

“How on earth did I get here?”   He wondered.

Then he realised. The universe had given him everything he wanted :

  • He was NOT in a job awaiting retirement
  • He did NOT have children (which he now bitterly regretted)
  • He HAD helped lots of other people (but had failed to take care of himself)

He had had a ticking timebomb which he did not realise until later in life – namely, his earlier thoughts and statements! It explained why his life had worked out the way it had! Anthony’s wishes had been granted.

Be careful what you wish for – it just might come true!

Like affirmations, the statement we make and follow in life send signals to the universe.  Saying what we do NOT want, is a negative request. Far better to say what you DO want.

Anthony’s wishes had been granted, but he wished he had asked for something much better, like a long healthy, happy and abundant life with family, friends, doing work he loved, which benefited many people and the planet and happy and fulfilled retirement when ready.

It turned out that Anthony had had numerous past lives helping people, but ending up poor. This was a pattern that needed to be released this lifetime, to set him free. With the help of the angels, Anthony’s thoughts and energies changed for the better, and life improved again.

Do you have a deep unconscious block holding you back, or a deep unconscious light helping you to fulfil your potential and purpose here?

Try this simple self test

1  What has your life been like so far?   (ease, abundance, struggle?)

2  What were you told, or what did you say to yourself earlier in life about how your life would be?

3   Is this how you want the rest of your life to be?

If you gain positive answers, then all is well. If you realise your answers are NOT positive, then you have the chance to change them.

Do you know others who might need help?

If so, please forward this to them.

Working with angels and archangels can help reveal, and either release or expand your deeper thoughts. The effect on your life can be remarkable.


Over the years I have conducted numerous past life sessions with clients. The angels guided me to take an approach in which we go to the most important past life for that client to see, to help them in their current life.  So the sessions are highly focused on what is most beneficial to that client, and very practical. I also call upon the angels, archangels and masters to help heal and clear past life blocks, and enhance any past life skills (like ancient knowledge or healing or leadership abilities).

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Let’s release our blocks and enhance our radiance to the world.