Most people I speak to would love to be able to communicate with their angels, to receive clear signs and messages. There are various degrees and levels to which we can develop our connection with the angels. These can be built up over time, especially with the right help and training. I like to think of this as like climbing a ladder. So here’s my ‘Angel Ladder’ – a simple model about building your communication with the angels. How high you have reached so far, and how high would like to go?


Start at the BOTTOM of the ladder. How far would you like to ascend?

16 I Receive Divine Guidance & Messages direct from Source

15 I Work with Angels & Archangels who guide my Life Mission

14 I have been guided to a new path in life by the angels

13 I channel Higher Angel Energies and Guidance as part of my work

12 I can Channel Messages for other people

11 I can channel messages from the Archangels whenever I wish

10 I channel messages from my Angels daily (or whenever I wish)

9 I occasionally receive messages (words) from my Angels

8 I have received help from Michael, Raphael or other angels

7 I have had a dramatic angel experience (e.g. seen or met an angel, or the angels saved my life )

6 I have felt angels with me (e.g. around me, stroking hair or cheek, felt energies around me)

5 I receive guidance when performing healing on others

4 When I pray my prayers are sometimes answered

3 I have had angel signs (e.g. white feathers, coins, recurring numbers or other angel signs)

2 I have read books about angels

1 I am interested in angels

Where are you currently? Level ___

Where would YOU like to reach? I would like to reach Level ___

There are many ways to develop your angel connections to higher levels. In the Ascending To Love programme, you are taken on a journey of ascension to discover directly the energy of the universe and reconnect with God. It teaches you to open to this deeper and more powerful force to bring profound transformation and change.

“I received such incredible, wonderful energies and messages – that’s why I was moved to tears – they were tears of pure joy – such pure love.” – Ellen

“The most beautiful experience of my life. I can’t wait to share this with others.” – Jackie

You are invited and very welcome to try the programme for yourself on a full 30-day trial basis.

There are of course many wonderful books, teachers and courses out there that can also help. See which ones resonate with you, and watch for signs from your angels and guides.