It’s surprising how many people report the smallest of ‘miracles’ when they ask their guardian angels for help. A good example is that of Sharon.

She was visiting a mind-body-spirit exhibition in Southend, and couldn’t find a car parking space anywhere. She had heard about asking the angels for parking spaces, so she said a quick prayer. “If you really want me to come to this event, find me a parking space”. She decided to try one more row, before giving up. As she turned into the row of parking spaces, a car reversed and created a space for her. She thanked her angels for the timely appearance of this space, and went inside. It was at this exhibition that Sharon met me, joined one of my angel classes, and ended up working with her angels. So this small request for help proved quite useful in bigger ways too!

Although this is, perhaps, an amusing example, it shows that the angels are happy to help us with small requests, and to show their love for us. They have a playful spirit, so are happy to help with any matter small or large. Call on them and notice their loving help. (And give thanks when you notice!)

Each of us has a deep wisdom inside us. We sense it occasionally when we listen to our intuition and discover that it is right – it somehow knows what is right for us, or what is wrong and we should avoid. Most people I speak with agree that they have this intuition inside. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t and regret it (“I knew that was going to happen – I wish I’d listened to myself” they say). Mostly, people don’t listen to it. They are too busy, tired, stressed, and their doubting, logical mind throws up to many objections to following this guidance. “Yes, but ..” the mind says. “And in any case, how do we know we can trust it?” So people ignore this divine wisdom running through them! What a waste!

It’s a mistake to ignore this divine guidance. I have heard too many horror stories of people ignoring their inner guidance, and landing up in terrible trouble – divorce, bankruptcy, losses, terrible things happening to their children. I have also experienced and heard COUNTLESS examples of people listening to the voice within, and being amazed at how accurate and helpful it has been, and the all good things that flow from it.

If we are to truly work with angels and spirit, we need to learn to have faith in the divine wisdom and promptings that flow through us.

You know what I mean – you have probably felt moments when you just knew inside what was right, or what you should do. (You may or may not have followed it, but you knew deep down inside). Some might call it listening to your heart, some might call it intuition, sixth sense, or simply ‘gut feel’. Whatever you call it, it is there prompting us, trying to guide and help us.

All you have to do is notice and listen to these inner promptings. Learn to recognize the difference between your ego (easy to spot), your doubting logical mind (helpful, but limiting, and often cautious), and the inner voice inside you, which always feels good.

How can we work with the angels and serve spirit if we ignore the messages we are sent?

The angels often communicate with us in this manner – through our intuition and inner widom. This is the first step on the path to fully communicating and channeling your angels.

As you learn to recognize this inner wisdom, as distinct from your doubting mind, you will learn to build trust and faith in it. Then when you learn to communicate fully with your angels, you will recognize their messages as something distinct and different again, so you will KNOW it is your angels communicating. This is part of the step by step process that the angels showed me for helping others to connect with the angels easily – building your connection step by step.

This is why the angels told me to devote a whole chapter of the Guided By Angels home study angel course to learning how to listen to our intuition and our Higher Self, and follow all the divine guidance that comes through. People are amazed at how much wisdom and guidance we can tap into this way, and how many helpful messages they receive. You can do it too. You can learn to make the right decision easily, every time. No worry, no struggle, no more stress – just ease and flow of beautiful guidance and life flowing and working out perfectly. The course shows you how to follow your intuition, and tap into it easily whenever you wish. The course gets you to practice this, so you build up your faith and trust in it over time. Then develop it to new levels.

Two quick examples for you.

Sheila looked out of her office window and saw thunderstorms approaching. She decided to ask her intuition whether to drive home via the motorway or cross country. Her intuition told her to take the motorway. “No” her mind said “There may be an accident in the storms, and I could be stuck for hours” So she ignored her intuition and drove cross country. Half way home, a branch snapped off a tree in the high winds and fell onto the roof of her car, denting it badly. “I should have listened to my intuition” Sheila admitted to herself “That was a costly error.”

David was caught in traffic on a way to an important meeting. He was stationary. He considered giving up, turning around, and going home. Just then his inner guidance kicked in and said ‘Take the back roads – you can still make it’. He decided to give it a go. Although he didn’t know the way, he felt himself guided at each uncertain turning. He found that, lo and behold, he made it too his meeting with five minutes to spare. His intuition had been right and had guided and helped him.

Although these are relatively small matters, our intuition and inner promptings apply equally to big and small matters. Its useful to practice on small matters first, so we build up faith for when the important decisions come along.

Imagine if every day, each decision you made was the right one for you. Imagine making good decisions all year long – hundreds and hundreds of good decisions, and helpful pieces of divine guidance, leading you forward. Imagine the difference that would make to your life over a year. Over five years.

Now imagine making wrong decisions about half the time, like most ordinary people. Imagine how your life would sag behind, with endless more troubles. Which would you prefer!