When working to co-create miracles and magic in your life, your divine nature must guide the process. Let’s explore some of the spiritual laws for manifesting your dreams.

Whether you are creating your own reality, a co-creator with the Divine, or living your passion, all of these ideas are intimately linked. You cannot talk about manifesting your vision, prosperity and abundance without discussing the power of intention and the law of attraction. Your beliefs and desires need to match vibrationally in order to realize your dreams. The emotions of love, gratitude and appreciation enhance this. If you want to live your higher purpose, you will need to be connected to Source and universal energies.

As you can see there are a lot of buzz words being spread around so let’s break it down into bite size concepts to better digest their meaning.


Wayne Dyer elaborates on this idea in his popular book “The Power of Intention.” Intention is more that just having a strong purpose, will and determination to achieve a result. We rather like Carlos Casteneda’s definition: “When sorcerers beckon intent, it comes to them and sets up the path for attainment, which means that sorcerers always accomplish what they set out to do.” Dyer says that “Activating intention means rejoining your Source and becoming a modern day sorcerer. Sorcerers are those who live of the Source”  Intention is about aligning your soul’s desires and passions with your higher purpose and spirit and tapping into the divine force of the universe which facilitates the process of manifestation with ease and grace.


The spiritual law of attraction is actually rooted in physics that energy can never be destroyed just changed. When atoms are aligned they come together is the same direction just a metals can be magnetized. Our consciousness is the aligning force and whatever we give attention to or focus on, we attract whether we want it or not. Whatever vibration you are giving off, you will attract more of. A direct application of this would be if you want someone to love you, you must love yourself first.

Michael Losier in his book “Law of Attraction” identifies 3 steps for “deliberate attraction”. First, we must identify our desire using positive words – words like don’t, won’t and can’t give us the negative condition. If we focus on what we lack, we will attract that. Secondly, we need to raise our vibration. We do this by holding a positive attention to our desire every day and more importantly having positive feelings about it. If you can’t feel the essence of what you want to attract, it will be difficult to manifest. Then we must allow it, which means we have an absence of doubt and limiting beliefs.


We really do create our own reality but one of the reasons this is a difficult concept to buy into is because we can’t imagine we would create negative consequences for ourselves in our lives. It is uncompassionate and too simple to say that one created poverty or an illness for themselves. If we are not aware, much of what we create will come from our unconscious self. One of the purposes of our spiritual journey is to make the unconscious, conscious. When we intimately begin to know all of our parts and selves, we will be better sculptors in how we mold our lives. The more inner work you do, the more conscious you become and the more masterful you will be at the art of co-creation. Yet, we as modern mystics must never undermine that life has many powerful unknowns as we enter into the mystery.

Higher Purpose

Our dreams will manifest easily if they reflect our soul’s purpose, passions and calling. Once you reach a certain level of development on your spiritual journey and if your goals are ego-driven, manifesting will be more difficult, laden with obstacles. You have heard of the saying “do what you love and the money will follow”. This reflects the magnetic nature of listening to our soul’s deepest desires and passions. Our higher purpose will always reflect what our soul needs to learn to evolve. Quite often these days, our higher purpose will also have a global mission which helps to make the world a better place. In my home study programme we use several exercises to explore these issues in depth, bring you to a greater understanding of YOUR soul purpose.

Aligning with Source Energy

Your emotions will be the indicator on how aligned you are to Source energy. When you are aligned to your Source you will feel inner peace, love, joy and harmony. The more you are aligned, the easier it is to manifest. Fear, doubt and resistance make it difficult to manifest. Esther and Jerry Hicks, in their book “Ask and It is Given”, provide an emotional scale to show us where we are at on this indicator. On the top rung, are joy, freedom, empowerment, love and appreciation. On the lowest rung are fear, despair, depression and powerlessness. There are many emotions in between. We can start by raising our vibration just a few notches up from where we are now.

Being Present

To create a “miracle” we must believe it has already happened. We have to “act as if” it has already happened. We must feel the joy of the end result and the full gamut of emotions that go with manifesting our dream. Most importantly, we need to feel appreciation and gratitude, the most magnetic of all emotions.

The art of creating our perfect reality is very simple when we are clear, free of doubt and following our soul’s calling, passions and desires. However, obstacles often suggest we need more clarity. That in itself can redirect us and get us back on track. Quite often, it is a process of readjusting and redefining to achieve our goal. And when a dream of yours does come true remember to give gratitude to the Divine with two simple words: THANK YOU. This will always allow for more to flow in.