The angels would like to speak today about abundance, and in particular how it relates to those on a spiritual path. There are many strange thoughts about money on Earth, and I would like to help set the record straight, and encourage greater prosperity for the worthy.

Upside Down Thinking

Currently, in Western societies, the highest monetary values are usually placed on areas of least practical assistance to spiritual and planetary advancement, and very little money is given to those who render the worthiest of services. Thus those involved in big business, greed, commercialism, exploitation, destruction of the ecosystem,and those who play the money markets, commercial entertainers and sports stars, can and do earn vast fortunes, while teachers, nurses, healers, environmentalists, community workers, and those involved in the more noble pursuits, often struggle on a lesser incomes. The worthiest professions get paid the least. That doesn’t mean that being in business or entertainment or sport is ‘wrong’ but it’s upside down thinking, and a reflection of societies’ current materialistic focus.

Greater Abundance For The Worthy

So how can those who wish to contribute in society in positive ways afford to do so? Currently, those seeking to become or expand as light-workers of some kind face the following typical choices:

  • Continue in full-time or part-time work to support themselves, often working long hours or in stressful conditions.

  • Rely on a partner to help support them.

  • Downsize and downshift their lives or live in paucity in order to survive.

  • Seek support from sympathetic benefactors or raise income in alternative ways that are often not aligned with spiritual goals.

Much is spoken about ‘keys to abundance’ and ‘manifesting’ schemes. The worthy DESERVE to have sufficient income to allow them to live and expand their worthwhile work and paths, but is it really possible?

I would like to provide a simple perspective for you.


Most light-workers do not have the strength and character to make money from pursuing activities which do not call to their heart and soul – few are dynamic entrepreneurs who can do their light-work as a sideline to money-making – it is generally not compatible. So in truth, your only real path is to follow your calling and trust in God. However, there are three extra steps which many light-workers have yet to fully embrace.

Here are the three steps to following your path with abundance that we would like to share with you:

  • Find and follow your life purpose (at least follow your calling in the right direction, even if you cannot yet see the full or bigger vision for your life).

  • Work on ‘abundance consciousness.’ Open your mind and your heart to expecting abundance. Develop feeling worthy of abundance. Notice and remove blocks and faulty thinking. Do affirmations and develop your abundance thinking in whichever way you are guided.

  • Allow God to provide you with abundance, and ACCEPT and WELCOME it when it arrives. Wealth is not a sin – if it is given to you it is because it has a purpose in your life. Money empowers you to do greater work and help others even more.

God does not show you a path for your life, then refuse to provide the means to pursue it. That wouldn’t make sense! The universe will provide for you, but you have to be open to it doing so. Our thoughts create our reality, so retune yourself to thinking abundantly and expecting the best for yourself. Over time, it will come about.

Raise Your Sights

Rather than expecting to struggle and scrape by, why don’t we raise our expectations, and demand that the universe brings us more money to allow us to develop and our expand our work, joyfully and happily. If we are to be an inspiration to others, we need to live joyfully. Financial struggle is not conducive to this. Furthermore, if we have more money, we can develop and expand our work, or give more of our time or money to charity and worthwhile causes. The more money we have, the more good things we will surely do with it. So we should expect and demand more for ourselves. You owe it to yourself and society to become more abundant. This takes more than idle wishing though.

Ask And You Shall Receive

All too often, those in spiritual service (lightworkers, healers and holistic practitioners especially) are fearful of ASKING for payment. We fear that we’ll be rejected or criticised for making financial gain from our work. But, in fact, giving without receiving is counter-productive. In ALL aspects of life giving must be accompanied with RECEIVING. When people make a payment for a service they value it more highly, focus on it and benefit more. So to serve people to the best of your ability ASK them for something in return. It doesn’t have to be money of course. For example when we give to children we expect their respect and love. We also expect gratitude. And from time to time a ‘benefit-in-kind’ from a friend or client is more appropriate than payment, whether it’s a recriprocal treatment, a task or favour, or simply a hug.

BUT, when it comes to our work, asking for a fair payment is essential both for us and those we serve.

If you find asking for money difficult, work on issues like low self-esteem, scarcity and paucity thinking, and focus on abundance thinking and high expectations. Say abundance affirmations daily (I’ve listed some of my favourites below), and notice anything that  blocks you, then remove it and become open to more abundance.

Accept Abundance

God and the angels can provide you with money and abundance from a whole variety of sources – clients, family, jobs, unexpected windfalls, sidelines that ‘take off’, project work – a whole host of methods. Be open to receiving from whichever source the universe deems most appropriate to give it to you. Then welcome and affirm your abundance by offering thanks.

From personal experience, I can tell you it works. I have been doing much work on myself on abundance thinking, such as daily affirmations and prayers, and reducing limiting thoughts, and have been noticing my life (and financial situation) flowing much more smoothly. It is miraculous that when I focus on bringing abundance into my life, more clients come along, or say YES to receiving my help and training. I may not be a master yet, but I’m getting better each day!

It’s time for lightworkers to reclaim their power, end the struggle, open to abundance and be a greater force for good in the world. Allow God and the angels to start bringing you greater abundance today.

Some Abundance Affirmations

Here’s a few affirmations to get you started. Add your own. Have fun exploring how you can become more abundant.

I now open to greater abundance in my life.

I am willing to move beyond previous limitations and receive greater income, wealth and abundance.

I am working for greater good. I deserve to be blessed.

I am grateful for all the wealth and abundance that I have already.

God wants me to be more prosperous, so I can do more good in this world.

I am a spiritual being working for greater good. I am worthy.

The more money I receive, the more I can help others.

God and the angels look after all my needs.

I happily receive money from expected and unexpected sources.

I am becoming more and more abundant, every month, every year.

I want to be wealthy, so I can perform great service to this world.

My Abundance ‘Exercise’

OK, I admit this is not really an exercise as such, but a test. I have been divinely guided to do it.  I did some healing work on myself this week and currently face a bill for £500 for our website services. It’s not a huge sum, but since I am already giving 3-4 days per week of my time, I asked the angels how best to support our enterprise. And the message I received was simple: ‘just ask.’

So here’s my request to you today. Please support our work here at Guided By Angels by making a small donation or becoming one of our Founder Members. There are lots of great benefits to joining, but the most valuable of all is that you will be GIVING to something worthy – spreading the messages of the angels and divine guides to our planet. And whether you give £10 or £1000 you’ll RECEIVE our gratitude, love, prayers and blessings and you’ll be opening up to greater abundance in all areas of your life.

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