Angels in Action

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.
~ George Elliot ~

Whether you have been reading Darren’s newsletters for many years, or have just joined this community, this newsletter is here to remind you that your Angels and Guides are ready and waiting to help and inspire you. Many people turn to Spirit, God and Angels in times of great need. We are blessed to have the gift of being able to talk daily with our guides, but also know that ANYONE can learn these skills, and receive guidance and wisdom every day.

Why Are the Angels Here?

It is wonderful that the angels send us signs, messages, guidance and healing. The influence of the angels is spreading – more and more people are opening up to them. We know it is a unique time in our human history and evolution, that the angels are here in their multitudes to help us. Each of us has our own guardian angels, and other angels to help us. Here is the question for you.


Obviously not. Then what is it? Is it merely to help us with day to day issues? (Useful, but not the whole answer). Dare I suggest it is to lead us forward along our highest path, and to help each of us to reach our highest potential – to find our highest destiny and make our greatest contribution to the evolution of the planet. If this is so, then shouldn’t we be actively seeking to develop our connection with our angels to much further levels, and allowing them to help and guide us to a much greater extent along our path? They have come to guide us – wouldn’t it be wise to let them?

How do we do that?

One way is to simply ask the angels to provide greater guidance and clarity in our lives. They will respond. However, we can take things much further – we can learn to COMMUNICATE, with them, to speak with them and receive direct guidance, day in, day out. All those who are interested have the ability to do so.

What is it like talking with Angels?

In many ways, it is similar to when you receive an intuitive thought to do something (like “go call Jo”). It is a thought that enters your head, and has a certain characteristic about it, depending upon your angel. Some peoples’ angels are loving and soft when they speak – it has a beauty, a gentleness, a calm wisdom. Others have angels who are more direct and forthright in their communication – we each get the angel (or guide) who is perfect for us. Different angels sound different and have a different quality.

One lady who came on one of my workshops was a lovely gentle soul. Her angel was called Serenity, and exuded a peaceful beauty and calm, soothing graciousness in its communication. Another lady, a no-nonsense survivor of the war, a ‘tough old bird’, got a strong, no-nonsense angel called Michael, who told her what to do in strong terms and to stop messing around. She said she was glad – had she had Serenity, she probably wouldn’t have listened – she needed a stronger no nonsense angel! Generally though, by far and away most angels are gentle, loving supportive, and a delight to talk with.

You too can meet your guides and angels, learn how to talk with them, and then receive messages from them whenever you want. It is wonderful to talk with your angels. As one of lady who learned with me said

“It has subtly transformed my life. I know beyond doubt that I am not alone, that my angels are always there for me, just a heartbeat away. I feel more peaceful inside, knowing that they are with me whenever I need them, encouraging me and guiding me.”

Beyond Books – Stairway to the Angels

Many people have told me that they have tried connecting with their angels using exercises in books, without success. Going from zero contact, to complete contact, in ten minutes flat, at the end of a long day of work, may not be the ideal way to develop one’s connection! That’s why the angels showed me a step-by-step process that makes it easy for anyone to meet and talk with their angels – a stairway to the angels so to speak. It’s been working perfectly for many years, and it’s what I use in my angel home study course and angel workshops, as well as one to one sessions with people, to help people connect.

If you haven’t tried connecting with angels before, find some time to try the following meditation. It’s from my course, Guided By Angels. It’s designed to help you visualise your higher purpose. You simply need a quiet space, away from interuptions, and takes about 20 minutes.

Oneness Guided Meditation

by Darren Linton