The Angels want to lift people’s sights and open their eyes to the possibilities that await them. Here is a brief summary of a message that was received recently:

“Beloved Ones
Namaste. We salute you for the beloved spiritual being, son / daughter of God, that you truly are.
We honour you, love you, and salute you for undertaking this human journey on earth at this time.

You have probably read many examples about how we angels have helped many people in the past. We have helped people in both small ways, and in miraculous ways, with all areas of their lives. This includes saving their lives from near death, healing them, helping to end despair and find happiness and love themselves, help in finding love and soul mates, help with career, money, homes, children, small every day matters, and all areas of life. We are delighted to help you with all these areas, but there is so much more we can do.

Connect with us and listen carefully for signs and messages. We are here to help the whole of humankind.”

Darren taught that the angels are here to help everyone and also here to assist the ascension of the planet. Each stage in this process is connected.


The Angels can help you to resolve problems and challenges in your life (which are really lessons), and lead you forwards to a happier, smoother, more fulfilling life. The more you learn to work with them and allow them to assist you, the greater and better the results will be. Do continue to call on them, and be open to developing new ways of working with us too.


Each of you is here to make a contribution to the world, to assist in the healing, growth and transformation of the planet. For some this may be in subtle ways, developing your own spiritual connections, and touching others along the way. For many of you, you sense that you have come to the earth for a reason. You have a purpose and bigger role to play. This may involve healing, teaching, inspiring or helping people and earth in other ways.

You may feel dissatisfied with your current life, and long for change. You may feel a yearning for ‘something more’ – a new phase of your life. Or you may be aware, on some level, that you are a light-worker, gifted soul, earth angel, or advanced being with a role and mission to fulfil on earth. A few of you have already started on your path. Many of you have more, bigger, higher work to do here – a whole new level / new levels to go to in your work to be of service, and to expand your work to reach greater numbers the world.

We in the angelic realms (angels, archangels and higher angels), and also the many beings of light that include the Masters, Star Beings, and other Higher Light Beings, are here to work with you, to guide you to your path and mission, and to work with you to help you grow and fulfil your true work here. A great many of you are destined to connect with us, to allow us to channel divine energies, messages, help and other blessings through you to others and the world. Through connecting with us, discovering your life purpose, and learning to work with us, to help you fulfil your purpose, you will discover a peace, a joy, a fulfilment and quality of life unmatched in purely human life.

Your soul will not be satisfied until you are on your path, for this is why you came to the earth. Although a part of you may fear your path and divine connections, this can and will be healed, and you will experience a great joy when you work with your Guardian angel and other spiritual beings. Many describe it as like ‘coming home’ when they connect – no longer feeling alone or different to others, but like reconnecting with your soul family. It is usually deeply touching, moving, and a joyful re-union, and they do not want it to end!

So the second area they can help you with is helping you to discover, develop and fulfil your life purpose. If you are feeling dissatisfied with life, looking for your purpose or that ‘missing something’ in your life, or know you are a light-worker or soul here to help the earth in some way, then call work on angels and spiritual beings to lead you to your joyful life’s work here.


There are two broad areas within this heading I would like to mention – one for those in mainstream work, and another for those who have left to develop a spiritual path


There is a growing awareness of angels and spirituality across all areas of society and work.Many of you work in the so called mainstream world of work – as business owners, leaders, managers and staff, and in various professions, schools and  education, health services, government, the charity sector, and other areas of work and society. Some of you wish to change careers and start a new life, in which case the above help with discovering and developing your life purpose is an appropriate way angels can guide and help you. However, many of you are called to bring spirituality and a more holistic approach to your world of work. This is divine service.

By calling on angels to assist you, you can develop projects at work which will help to spread more enlightened approaches, and perhaps divine love, wisdom and energies to people in your work and society. This will be deeply fulfilling for you, and a great service and contribution. As you work to develop or expand your positive contribution in your work, new opportunities will open up for you – you will expand and gain opportunities (growth, promotion, new opportunities) to have a growing and expanded positive contribution on the world. Many are already working with angels in this way, quietly being guided by the hand of god and the divine to have a positive impact on society. Some have reached positions of great influence on governments and nationwide policies. You too can become a servant of the light in your world of work, and see your life astonishingly blessed.

So if you feel a desire to contribute more positively at work and spread more enlightened approaches, come forward and work with angels. You can become an inspiration to the world


Many of you have already started your spiritual path, and are offering healing, teaching, inspiration or other spiritual services. A great number already call upon angels for daily guidance. This is good and I congratulate you for your progress so far. For many, this is not yet the highest fulfilment of your purpose and work here. As the energies on the planet continue to rise, many of you are being called to open up to your greater divine connections – to open to greater light, higher divine energies, and raise your work up to whole new higher levels.

By working with angels you tap into the higher divine energies of love, light, and ascension energies, which can expand and empower your work to whole new levels. Adding higher divine light connections to your work will lift its energy, make it more powerful, draw new people and opportunities to you, and help it expand to the world. They are waiting to help you. By learning to channel, you can also receive our higher help and guidance with developing and expanding your work further to make a greater contribution to the world.

Are you happy with your work as it is, or would you like to add higher divine light, energies and guidance, to elevate and expand your work? If so, invite the angels in to help you further.


Many of you have heard about ascension. This is the process of bringing higher energies and awareness to the earth, to lift the vibration of the planet, and to bring about a new enlightened earth, in a higher dimension. The angels, archangels, masters, star beings and other beings of light are here working to bring about the transformation of the planet as a whole, as well as assisting all of you souls who have a role to play in this.

It is about bringing CONSCIOUS ascension to the planet. This means that the souls on earth must be aware of the changes, participate in them, and play their part in transforming the older energies and bringing in the new energies. We are bringing higher and heavenly energies to earth – helping, literally, to build heaven on earth. Working with angels will enable you to tap into these higher divine energies, receive the new energies and awareness, be blessed in your own life, and help to teach and transmit these to others and to the world. Although there are many paths to God and ascension, working with angels, masters and beings who are working with the new energies on earth, and allowing them to work with you, is a rapid and joyful path to ascension. You will be amazed at what is waiting for you. Experiences and joys beyond your current comprehension.

So the fourth broad area they can help you with is assisting your ascension, and in so doing, further assisting the ascension of the planet. If this interests you, this is another reason for calling on them and learning to communicate and work with them.

Can you see the perfect divine fit with the ascension of the planet as a whole. By more and more people doing this (and increasingly large numbers of people are doing so) it is assisting the ascension of all and the whole planet. This is mighty work.

So, dear ones, I invite you to consider which stage you are currently at, which stages you would like to develop, now or in future, and call upon angels to help you appropriately. And if you are struggling to connect or fully understand the energies and messages you’re receiving, try the angel course, Guided By Angels, which was written to ‘unlock’ those divine connections for everyone.

I hope that this message helps to broaden your understanding of how we can help your life, and gives you hope and motivation for your future.