I joined Darren’s family, friends and followers yesterday to celebrate his life and bid a farewell to his Earthly presence at his funeral in Chelmsford, England. It was, of course, tinged with sorrow at his passing, but also full of fond memories of the many joyful times spent in his company.

Darren had been ill for some time, and had intended to retire permanently from his spiritual coaching work this summer but to continue promoting his books and courses. He wrote a farewell message which we had discussed releasing around this time. It is strange to offer this now after his death, rather than as it was intended, but to honour his wishes, I have included the full text here:


“It is with deep sadness and regret that I write this message.  I recently mentioned in another newsletter that I have been through some challenging times recently, and that I hoped to bounce back quickly, but I can see now that that I am destined for a new path.

Over the last 20 years it has been my great honour and privilege to serve God and the angels through this work in teaching people how to connect with the angels and higher beings of light.

I can still remember the day on 4th July 1997 when God spoke to me and said, “Teach people all over the world how to connect with the angels, so that they can create better lives for themselves, their communities and their nations.”  I remember being so thrilled at this exciting prospect for the rest of the day. I also remember waking up the next day in shock and thinking ‘Who – little old me? It is too big a mission, I don’t think I can do that. Yet God had told me to get my business card done and gave me as a vision in my head, the words and images to go on it. He had said “I know you don’t know what to do, just start and you will be guided”.  I thought ‘I can either follow this divine guidance, or ignore it’. I chose to follow it, and the life that unfolded ever since has been extra-ordinary. Not without its challenges, but the angels have been there at every turn to help me through.

I have witnessed countless miracles in my own life and the lives of so many clients over the last two decades.  I have, with the help of my business colleague, Richard Haywood, who has supported me with the help of the technology and so much more, reached and touched the lives of tens of thousands of people in over 60 countries all over the world.  It has brought great happiness and wonder to the lives of myself and my clients, (and hopefully you beloved readers too), and has shown us many of the secrets of this extra-ordinary universe.

Sadly, due to personal and health reasons, with enormous regret and heart-breaking agony, I must retire from this angel work that I adore and which has been my life for so long.

I would like to thank you for your interest and support throughout this period. It has been my great honour and delight to have worked with so many. If you are currently taking one of my courses, you’ll continue to receive your monthly modules, with full support from Richard, and it is our intention to continue making our courses, ebooks and meditations available via the website.

You may also be interested in following Richard on his new path, working with spiritual and holistic practitioners, sole traders and small businesses offering his business development and marketing knowledge, expertise and limitless enthusiasm.

May you continue to grow and bring greater divine light and love to this amazing world, which is undergoing such an incredible transformation during these times.

I wish you a life filled with the most joy, love, blessings, and miracles.

With great sadness, but wishing you joy, love, light and blessings throughout the rest of your lifetime.”

Darren Linton


Darren and I worked together for 18 years and it was a priviledge to help support his work and bring his teaching to so man people. We spoke several times about how to continue his legacy after his retirement, but with his sudden passing, I find myself reflecting deeply whether and how I can do that. It has been encouraging to receive numerous messages of love and support over the past weeks and I thank everyone who has written, emailed and called. But now I must take the next steps on this journey and I need support to do that.

So my request is simple:

  • Do you have a strong belief and desire to promote angel work?
  • An interest in spiritual or holistic practice, or are a writer, teacher or practitioner yourself?
  • Would you be willing to contribute in some small way to the work of our organisation (writing, teaching, promotional support etc), for which you will be paid.
  • Are you, or anyone you know, able and interested in investing financially to support the work (in return for a share of future profits in the business as it grows)?

If you feel you may be able to contribute, please send me an email  (support@guidedbyangels.com) and we’ll arrange a time for a chat. Once I am able to assess any support that is available, I can make further decisions about continuing Darren’s legacy. Thank you and may I wish you many angel blessings,

Richard Haywood